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About Me

I am a Registered Nurse with 20+ years of experience. I started my journey as a nurse in the field of Pediatrics. Working with children and their families in their most trying times honed not only my hands-on skills but also taught me strength, empathy, and compassion. 

After I had my first son, I changed my career trajectory and went into Adult Community Nursing. Here I furthered my skill set immensely with multiple educational opportunities and through mentoring nurses that are just starting out in the field. 

The field of Cosmetic Nursing has always been of great interest to me. As a mother of 4 and a woman in my 40s, I can absolutely relate to the desire to retain and enhance a youthful appearance. I have recently completed a well-recognized course in the art and science of fillers and anti-wrinkle injections for medical professionals. There I was provided with extensive theory and hands-on experience that I now wish to pass on to my clients. 

Galina Elenskaya RN

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