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Your Initial Consultation

I know that making a decision to consult about enhancements to your appearance can be intimidating especially if you don't know what to expect. During our consultation, we will chat about the features that concern you and what you would like to highlight. If you are unsure of what you would like to address or have a specific budget in mind, I can work with that. I will assess your skin, bone structure and ask about any past cosmetic injections. Medical history, medications and allergies are all an integral part of a complete assessment. I want to ensure that should you decide to have treatments done with me that they are safe and maximally effective.

Anti​-Wrinkle Injections

I recommend that on the day of your procedure you arrive with a clean, make up free face. Once we have developed a treatment plan, I will clean all areas of treatment with an alcohol based solution and mark areas to be injected with a cosmetic pencil. I will then consult with my Medical Director to assess you live via Webex and go over your treatment plan. I will then administer the anti-wrinkle injections and go over post-treatment instructions. I recommend that you follow up with me in 2 weeks so that I can assess the final result of the treatment and address any concerns.

Dermal Filler Procedure

Once you decide on a treatment plan I will apply a numbing cream to the areas I plan to inject. I will then consult with my Medical Director to assess you live via Webex and go over your treatment plan.  After 20-30 mins I will remove the numbing cream and cleanse the area of treatment with an alcohol-based solution. I will then administer the injections as per the treatment plan. After the injections are complete you will be given a cold compress for comfort. I may also massage the areas that were just injected to mold and smooth the filler. Finally, I will go over post-treatment instructions with you and answer any questions.

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